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Filling Knowledge Gap

Initiatives to document and map agricultural projects and programmes have been increasing in the recent past. However, most of the existing information is funding agency, implementer or country-specific. It is relatively easy to obtain information on interventions by a particular funding agency or documentation of interventions within a country. Minimal work has been done to bring together information from different sources for easy access and use. Through this work ReSAKSS aims to contribute to filling this gap. The AgInvest portal collates information from multiple sources and countries into one database and facilitates continuous updating by the stakeholders.

Why is it useful to document agricultural interventions?

By tracking and mapping investments, ReSAKSS is contributing to CAADP mutual accountability and the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness by:

  1. Providing information on who is investing in agriculture and where
  2. Serving as a tool to identify investment gaps
  3. Guiding decisions about where to direct resources
  4. Providing information that could facilitate partnerships in agriculture and food security interventions (support collaboration and synergies among the actors)
  5. Contributing to mutual accountability by providing information on how pledges by different agriculture stakeholders translate into actions
  6. Informing advocacy and influencing policy
  7. Supporting alignment of intervention so as to avoid duplication of efforts