aflasafe™: Development and commercialization of biological control of aflatoxins in Kenya and Nigeria

Administrative area:

Kenya and Nigeria


To improve income and health of farm families and generate wealth in the crop value chain by developing and making available commercially ready cost-effective biological control technology for aflatoxin, in combination with other practices that will improve public health, increase agricultural trade, augment smallholder income, and enhance food security.

This project aims to enable the commercialization of the biocontrol product aflasafe™ in Nigeria and the identification of biocontrol strains for registration in Kenya. Adoption of this biocontrol technology with other management practices by farmers will reduce aflatoxin contamination by >70% in maize and groundnut, increase crop value by at least 5%, and improve the health of children and women.

Time frame:  18 Months
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Cost in original Currency*:

Cost in USD**: 

$1.32 million