African Institutions Innovation Mechanism-Assist (AIIM Assist)

Countries Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi
Objectives To boost the efforts of regional public, private and civil society actors to innovate, scale up successes and share learning to reduce poverty through agriculture. The specific objectives of AIIM-Assist are to:
Strengthen local capacity. ACDI/VOCA will nurture a new generation of diverse indigenous implementing partners by strengthening their technical capacity; operational, financial and management systems; and monitoring, learning and reporting mechanisms.
Deliver technical services. Through key personnel and specialized short-term consultants, AIIM-Assist will conduct assessments and studies, and provide targeted technical assistance to USAID missions and regional partners.
Provide management support. AIIM-Assist will provide efficient and tailored support to USAID missions as they fulfill their commitment to providing direct assistance to new regional partners, resulting in smaller, more numerous awards—many to first-time recipients of US government funding.
Time frame August 2012-August 2015
Funding agencies USAID
Implementers ACDI/VOCA/Act! (Formerly Pact Kenya)
Cost in original Currency*  
Cost in USD** 3.16 million
Beneficiaries USAID African Institutions Innovation Mechanism (AIIM) program awardees, USAID missions, USAID regional partners outside of AIIM